Animation is remarkable culture which has livened up in Japan and U.S.A year by year. Recently animation culture spreads producing many filmmakers not only in Japan and the West but Asian counties by rapid progress of digital technology. Now animation creators in the world demand the opportunities and send their films to festival and event. Japanese animation creators are especially rated highly in the world.

In autumn 2014, we hold “New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival” which gathers animation from the world into New Chitose Airport terminal building where is the first one with theater in Japan. The airport owns all the facilities required for the festival such as assembly halls, accommodation and Onsen (spa) so that this festival is self-contained in the airport and allow itself to be characteristic. 18 million tourists access New Chitose Airport for one year at present. We aim to offer the opportunities to young filmmakers to succeed in the world and to create a new place for international exchange through animation culture.

We are preparing various program including a competition which awards one million yen to World Grand Prix, screenings of special invitation films and of selection collaborating with other animation festival, stage greeting inviting guests and so on.

The logo of New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2014


The logo of New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2014 is an image of a beautiful Hokkaido’s snow crystal built up with a collection of objects of “A” which is the initial of “Animation” and “Airport.” This logo was designed in the hope that animations with a variety of great individualities would gather in the New Chitose Airport terminal buildings from the world and the new festival of the 21st century could provide opportunities for them to gain global popularities.