Call for Entries – Animated Short Film Competition

Deadline for Animated Short Film Competition Entry has passed. Thank you for your Submission! Notification of initial judging results will be announced on mid-August 2014 (scheduled) .


The New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2014 is intended to provide opportunities for animators to gain global popularity through an Animated Short Film Competition and to create a new forum for international exchanges via the culture of animation. Part of the festival’s appeal is its outstanding location in an airport with a massive flow of tourists and one of the world’s few airport movie theaters.

The Organizing Committee for the New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 2014, along with its international panel of esteemed judges, awaits your competition entry. See you at New Chitose Airport Terminal!

Application period

22nd April 2014 – 23rd June 2014


Submissions to be selected in the initial judging process will be screened and reviewed by an international panel of judges during the festival. The winners of the awards below will be selected via a fair and impartial process.

  • Grand Prix with 1 million JPY in prize money: 1 submission
  • New Filmmaker’s Award with 300,000 JPY in prize money: 1 submission
  • Japan Grand Prix with 500,000 JPY in prize money: 1 submission


In addition, the Audience Award for the winner of an audience popularity poll and the Kids Audience Award based on votes by children will also be conferred.

  • Audience Award with 100,000 JPY in prize money: 1 submission
  • Kids Audience Award with a memento: 1 submission


The judges may also institute a new Special Award.

Submission requirements
  1. Submissions must be animated films running no longer than 30 minutes (including end credits). Any production method may be used.
  2. Submissions must be works completed on or after April 1, 2012.
  3. The director or producer of the film or the entrant must hold the copyright for the material submitted, and all rights to screen the work during the festival must have been secured.
  4. The entrant must make the submission available for Internet streaming (using online services) to support judging. DVDs and other types of physical media will not be accepted.

Submissions may have already been screened in Japan and elsewhere or may be scheduled for screening before the festival begins. Films already available online may also be submitted. Multiple submissions are allowed based on these requirements, but each film must be entered separately.

Entrants are asked to carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions of the Submission Regulations for Animated Short Film Competition before submitting works.

[Download the Submission Regulations for Animated Short Film Competition(PDF/93KB)]


The Committee will invite either the director or the producer of each work selected in the initial judging process (one person per submission) to attend the Award Ceremony (scheduled for November 3, 2014) and cover related expenses as detailed below. More details will be emailed to entrants once the initial judging process is complete.

  1. Part of round-trip travel (as per the Committee’s Secretariat regulations)
  2. Accommodation during the stay in Chitose (applicable only to hotels arranged by the Secretariat)
Submission procedures

  1. Submissions are accepted only via the Online Submission Form. Materials submitted by post or other means will not be accepted.
  2. Online submissions must include the following image and document files:
    • Photograph of the director (800 pixels high × 600 pixels wide or larger recommended; JPG or GIF files only)
    • 3 stills from the film (720 pixels high × 1,280 pixels wide or larger recommended; JPG or GIF files only)
    • English-language dialogue list (TXT or PDF files only)
    • A summary of the director’s career history, films produced and awards received (TXT or PDF files only)
  3. The email address shown below can be used to request further information or ask questions about submissions.

*To entrant of distributors and production companies
If you’re a person in a production or distribution company and wants to submit several films all at once, please send a compiled list of films information to the email address below. Microsoft Excel, Word file and PDF file are acceptable. You will get a response after we check the file. (New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival Office)