Family Program (Competition)


Title : yokosobokudesu-selection-

Director : Manabu Himeda / Country : Japan / Year : 2013

The film features two works from a series of self-made/performed songs and animations: Naninuneno, in which the hiragana...

姫田 真武

Manabu Himeda Born in 1988. Manabu Himeda is a graduate of the D...


Title : My mum is an airplane

Director : Yulia Aronova / Country : Russia / Year : 2013

The small boy waits for his mom, he looks at different moms and children. They are all unique, but his mom is the best i...

Yulia Aronova

Yulia Aronova Yulia Aronova, Artist, director, screenwriter of a...


Title : The little Blond boy with a white sheep

Director : Eloi HENRIOD / Country : France / Year : 2013

It’s school time again. During a writing test, Pierre escapes his grey school by recalling the happy memories of his hol...


Eloi HENRIOD Born in 1987 in Lausanne (Switzerland), Eloi Henri...


Title : Love Ball

Director : Dana Sink / Country : United States / Year : 2012

Love Ball is an analogy for a meeting of two travelers on different paths and the affection that draws them together.

Dana Sink

Dana Sink Dana Sink lives in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with h...


Title : A Father and his son go to sell a donkey

Director : Atsushi Wada / Country : Japan / Year : 2014

Once upon a time, there was a family selling donkeys. One day, the son said, “it’s a waste if we don’t ride the donkeys...

和田 淳

Atsushi Wada Atsushi Wada studied film at Osaka Kyoiku Universi...


Title : Land

Director : Masanobu Hiraoka / Country : Japan / Year : 2013

Abstraction and metamorphoses.


Masanobu Hiraoka graduated from Momoyama high school (general educa...


Title : International Father’s Day

Director : Edmunds Jansons / Country : Latvia / Year : 2012

For people Father’s Day is a celebration, but for one small bird – an ordinary working day. And concerns are the same ol...

Edmunds Jansons

Edmunds Jansons Edmunds Jansons works as animation film director a...


Title : A Girls Best Friend

Director : Clare Carroll / Country : Ireland / Year : 2014

A little Girl befriends a Worm.

Clare Carroll

Clare Carroll I am a Stop Motion Animator, from Galway, Ireland....


Title : snowflake

Director : Natalia Chernysheva / Country : Russia / Year : 2012

Once a little African boy got a letter. In the letter he found a snowflake made of paper. He liked it so much that he wi...

Natalia Chernysheva

Natalia Chernysheva Director : “Snowflake” 2012 "Le retour " 2013 Anim...



Director : Guillaume Blanchet / Country : Canada / Year : 2012

Elastika is not like any other little girls. First, because she made of elastics. Also because her universe is a land of...

Guillaume Blanchet

Guillaume Blanchet Guillaume is a French copywriter who left his home...



Director : ASAMI IKE / Country : Japan / Year : 2013

Increasing in its number, small rabbits take care of a great dolphin. Can the dolphin get to sleep by rabbits' gentle ca...

池 亜佐美

ASAMI IKE Born in Tokyo, 1987. Graduated from Tokyo Universi...


Title : Panic in the village : The Christmas Log

Director : Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar / Country : Belgium / Year : 2014

The year’s end celebrations are coming. Christmas : the tree, the dinner, the presents. Indian and Cowboy are expecting...

Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar

Stéphane Aubier, Vincent Patar Stéphane Aubier and Vincent Patar are writers and...