International Competition 4


Title : ADA+OTTO

Director : Ülo Pikkov / Country : Estonia / Year : 2013

Ada the Crow dreams of getting married. She has come to the conclusion that it is important to be dressed up as sharply...

Ülo Pikkov

Ülo Pikkov Ülo Pikkov studied animation at Turku Arts Academy...


Title : Lake

Director : Steven Subotnick / Country : United States / Year : 2013

a burial on a frozen lake.

Steven Subotnick

Steven Subotnick I am an independent, experimental animator and art...


Title : Boles

Director : Spela Cadez / Country : Slovenia / Year : 2013

Filip lives in a poor neighbourhood. He dreams of writer’s glory and luxurious lifestyle in a more prosperous part of to...

Spela Cadez

Spela Cadez Špela Čadež is a Slovenian animator and filmmaker....


Title : Bär

Director : Pascal Floerks / Country : Germany / Year : 2014

My grandpa’s past was always very present. It would break through in something he’d say or do, but he’d never talk about...

Pascal Floerks

Pascal Floerks Pascal Floerks, born in Worms , Germany, on Novemb...


Title : Lonesome Hero

Director : Manami Wakai / Country : Japan / Year : 2014

For children who cannot be alone or elderly people who have forgotten that they have to live alone.

若井 麻奈美

Manami Wakai Born in 1989. Currently living in Kanagawa Prefect...


Title : Cargo Cult

Director : Bastien Dubois / Country : France / Year : 2013

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” Arthur C. Clarke. On the Papua coasts, in the mid...

Bastien Dubois

Bastien Dubois Born in 1983, Bastien Dubois earned his diploma in...


Title : WONDER

Director : MIRAI MIZUE / Country : Japan / Year : 2014

Cells? Microorganisms? Extraterrestrial biological entities? Unidentified objects repeatedly stick together and separate...

水江 未来

MIRAI MIZUE Born in 1981. Mirai Mizue studied animation in the...