Go To Space of Animation!
“3D Films produced by National Film Board of Canada (NFB)”

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World-leading 3D Animated Short Film produced by National Film Board of Canada(NFB)

In Canada, there is a national film studio established in 1939. That’s National Film Board of Canada (NFB). They produce a number of exciting modern animations every year and this time, their films will first arrive in Hokkaido! We’re going to screen a variety of high-level 3D animations. Go to Space of 3D Animation! 3D Films are now nothing new? Absolutely not. 3D Films of NFB will draw you into the amazing world of creation. Only the Animation Festival could give you this experience. The wonderful world of 12 films you’ve never seen will be waiting right in front of your 3D glasses!

“National Film Board of Canada (NFB)”

National Film Board of Canada (NFB) is well-known to people in the animation business in the world. Since the animation section was set up in 1941, they have produced a lot of works in collaboration with many artists such as Norman McLaren, graphic designer. NFB, which has great producers, technical staff and most-advanced equipment, is worshiped by animation creators worldwide.

Films to be screened

  • ・Gloria Victoria
  • ・Lost Action Trace
  • ・Ora
  • ・Falling in Love Again
  • ・Tower Bawher
  • ・Moon Man
  • ・Drux Flux
  • ・The Wobble Incident
  • ・Unlaced
  • ・Blind Evolution
  • ・Impromptu
  • ・June

© National Film Board of Canada. Reproduced with permission of the NFB from www.nfb.ca.