Japan Panorama




Director : Sawako Kabuki / Country : Japan / Year : 2013

I produced two animated films as graduation projects from university. This is the second one of them. The first work was...

冠木 佐和子

Sawako Kabuki This film won the Jury's Prize at the Campus Geniu...


Title : Waiter

Director : Ryoji Yamada / Country : Japan / Year : 2013

A waiter finishes his dayfs work and goes for a night out on the town. He shakes his head, which is swollen by the ince...

山田 遼志

Ryoji Yamada Born in Yokohama in 1987. Currently living in Toky...


Title : Exit my room

Director : Ayaho Kawakami / Country : Japan / Year : 2014

The main character lives a very simple, mundane life. Today he will eat, put on his clothes and go to work again.

川上 彩穂

Ayaho Kawakami 2014: Graduated from the Department of Animation a...


Title : ROOM

Director : Keisuke Nishizaki, Tomomi Okamura / Country : Japan / Year : 2013

“Fake” projection mapping Projection mapping is popular all over the world. I rarely go out, instead preferring to watch...


Keisuke Nishizaki, Tomomi Okamura Keisuke Nishizaki: Graduated from the Department o...


Title : The Tale of the Plump Bird

Director : Saki Iyori / Country : Japan / Year : 2014

A tale about a human who wants a plump bird and the plump bird that is wanted by the human.

いより さき

Saki Iyori Feb. 1990: Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Mar. 2013:...


Title : teashikuchibiru ”PERI”

Director : Chikara Urasaki / Country : Japan / Year : 2014

From Ashikaga, Tochigi! An absolutely new alternative pop duo combining the physical beauty of hip-hop, the drive of mod...

浦崎 力

Chikara Urasaki Feb. 1990: Born in Kanagawa Prefecture. Mar. 2013:...


Title : 00:08

Director : Yutaro Kubo / Country : Japan / Year : 2014

Creating and broadening between 8-second frames is not a process but an expansion or enlargement. This awareness will en...

久保 雄太郎

Yutaro Kubo Graduated from the Department of Animation, Tokyo...


Title : The Hina Doll’s Head

Director : Hiroko Funayama / Country : Japan / Year : 2013

Hina dolls are for women. This animation represents the beauty and ideal form of fabulously decorated hina dolls as well...

舩山 寛子

Hiroko Funayama Born in Yamagata in 1989. Hiroko Funayama graduate...


Title : Red Colored Bridge

Director : Keiichi Tanaami / Country : Japan / Year : 2012

The bridge as the channel between worlds: between the living and the dead, between male and female, between sacred and p...


Keiichi Tanaami Born in 1936 in Tokyo, Tanaami has been among the...



Director : Isamu Hirabayashi / Country : Japan / Year : 2013

A child soldier and a child ninja are talking about a difference.


Isamu Hirabayashi The director was born in 1972 in Shizuoka Prefectu...


Title : Rebuild

Director : TOCHKA / Country : Japan / Year : 2012

After the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami of March 11, 2011, I witnessed many changes. Towns were lost in a mome...


TOCHKA TOCHKA is a creative unit that acts by NagataTakes...


Title : Golden Time

Director : Takuya Inaba / Country : Japan / Year : 2013

This is set in the booming Japan of the 1960s. One day, a long-used furniture-type TV from the 1960s is dumped in a junk...


Takuya Inaba Born in 1976. After graduating from the Faculty of...


Title : not over

Director : Toru Hayai / Country : Japan / Year : 2012

A creature that looks like a huge teddy bear walks around the world. It goes through forests, mountains and seas as well...

早井 亨

Toru Hayai Born in Hiroshima in 1973. A CG director belonging...