Preliminary Selection Committee


Tetsuji Kurashige

Sapporo, Japan

Born in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan in 1972. Graduated from Kyushu Institute of Design, and finished Image Forum’s workshop. He has published animation and media art works since 2000, such as “U-SA-GUI”, “Scripting Ghost”, “Room with a view – a story concerning borders or skin”, “ombre jack”, “DIGITAL-CINECALLIGRAPHY” and so on. A lecturer at Hokkaido University of Education at present.


Keitaro Oshima

Sapporo, Japan

Born in Kushiro, based in Sapporo Hokkaido, Japan. ctive as a scholar in the field of visual media and as an artist whose focus mainly on the theme of dissecting and reconstructing the composition of moving image. Views visual media tools of personal expression and is involved in local activities such as screening and workshops.

Fellow at Academy of Media Arts Cologne in Germany 2012. Association lecturer at Hokkaido Information University in Japan 2008-Present.

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Nobuaki Doi

Tokyo, Japan